Richard McPherson

United States Energy 2018 to 2050

The United States has been a net energy importer since 1953.  It is anticipated by 2022 the United States will be a net energy exporter.  Those 69-years will have taken a large economic toll on United States taxpayers, ratepayers fuel purchasers.  

The Lack of US Navy Leadership is Not a New Phenomenon or Isolated to the Navy

Reading writings about the lack of US Navy leadership because of the recent collisions at sea, did not just happen.  Erosion of leadership at all levels of our government has been a slow growing cancer for decades.

Puerto Rico Today--Like an EMP Attack

The tragedy unfolding in Puerto Rico, televised on the nightly news for all Americans to see, is an object lesson in what can happen if the electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures are suddenly destroyed by a natural or nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP), by cyber-attack, by physical sabotage, or by a combination of these.

Cut off People Receiving Taxpayer Funds to Overthrow the United States

Any person receiving money or tax advantages from taxpayers who is working to overthrow the country should immediately be cut off from those funds.

United States Standard Molten Salt Reactor Design

Over the past 60-years, the United States has not completed the nuclear fuel cycle.  As a result, Americans have been financially burdened by not enjoying energy independence and the economic security President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his advisors considered in preparing the “Atoms for Peace” speech he gave at the United Nations on December 8, 1953.

Instead of Emotions, use Demographics to Make Decisions about some Future Events

For over the past 45 years, I have pondered, studied, written and talked about national security, agriculture energy, water and economics.  A child born in the United States today, we can well understand how much electricity, water, food and other energy they be consuming, and how much municipal waste and sewage they will generate at age 18, when they can vote in 2035.  Below are three site I find interesting to obtain data; 2035 is an interesting year.

How Long is an Era?

This past weekend reviewing my life since the September 11, 2001 attack on America, I thought, “How Long is an Era”?  I looked it up.

United States Commercial Nuclear Power Today

November 12, 2017, the issue United States commercial nuclear power faces are economic and emotional, because of natural gas prices, along with subsidies for solar and wind – and in my view, a result of short-sightedness.  Commercial nuclear power since 1953, has a record of achieving higher operating capacity factors, lower cost electricity that is far more secure and reliable than other sources.  Commercial nuclear power is a strategic national asset not to be squandered - it will keep America a free nation.

American Energy and Economic Security is in Reach

This week we entered a new era - a chance to give many of the 94 million unemployed Americans age 16 and older the opportunity to go to work in creating a strong economy to be able to demonstrate the national defense and national security to be a deterrent. In my opinion, the single largest gains to be made - start with energy. 

Facts, Fades and America's National Election in November 2016

Over the decades, I have observed more and more people in public life squandering their lives and taxpayer funds by trying to create a legacy.  Think how much better America and the world could be by people living a legacy, instead of being focused on whatever their indoctrinated, instead of educated mind believes is important to leave a legacy.