Larry Bailey
Special Operations Speaks co-founder

At the very last minute of this awful campaign, I have finally figured out why I am voting for Donald Trump and why I am voting against Hillary Clinton.

A strong case can be made for Trump’s business experience and Hillary’s political career.  Trump has the former, and Hillary has the latter—in spades.  The evidence clearly demonstrates that Trump has had an unbelievably successful business career. 

Hillary, on the other hand, has not had a single successful political accomplishment—not one, and I have watched and looked.  I saw her scandals in Arkansas, in the White House, and in the State Department.

What she DID do in the latter was initiate the Arab Spring, which resulted in chaos and destruction throughout the Middle East—Libya, Tunisia, and Syria, for example.  And it was on her watch that our military forces were unilaterally evacuated from the battleground--Iraq--that they had won at such great cost.  Now look at what has happened in that poor country—nothing more needs mentioning than “ISIS.” 

And I can tell you from personal knowledge that she was personally responsible for the four Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya.

Donald Trump loves his country; that is clear.  That he has embarrassed it is also clear.  Trump has been at times a very nasty man, but even nasty men can have redeeming qualities.  Nasty women can also have those qualities, but one of them is not Hillary Clinton.  Her nastiness cannot be redeemed, because it is deeply and unrepentantly rooted in pure Satanic evil.

Her devotion to Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book, “ Rules for Radicals,” to Lucifer (yes, THAT Lucifer—the Devil), is clear throughout her career—from her attacks on Bill’s sexual-assault victims to her involvement in the occult and to her unbridled support for the murder of the unborn.

And here’s the nub of it, America: given the choice of voting for “Nasty” versus “Evil,” I will go for the former every time, as periodic excursions into nastiness can be forgiven by the Creator.  I am a textbook example of one who has experienced such excursions, but I know that, having repented of them, I am forgiven by a merciful God.

I would never state categorically that Hillary Clinton could never be forgiven for specific acts of evil, but I doubt that there is forgiveness for her lifetime pursuit of the generic Evil of which I speak.

My advice for America?  Choose “Nasty’’—Donald Trump—over “Evil”—Hillary Clinton.  Only in a Trump administration can we, I believe, expect national forgiveness for national sins.  In the latter, I shudder to think of our fate for following an unrepentant Hillary.

Please think on these things before voting.