Curtis M. Hendel

California Guard Exhibits Bureaucracy at its Worst

After the War on Terror began in late 2001 there wasn’t much talk of manpower shortages until after the Invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Suddenly we were at war in two countries and neither was looking to be over with soon.  As the insurgency in Iraq ramped up it was obvious that the National Guard was going to play a large role in this operation.

Pennsylvania School shows the sad state of our educational system by attacking WWII Veterans

It all started not that long ago and my initial impression was that it would be short lived.  I would have never dreamt that it would grow legs and spread like some new virus, infecting all it touched with a disgusting ability to show one’s true ignorance.  But after the first few weeks this virus started to mutate, and instead of dying on the vine, it grew.  It garnered support from its hosts, pushing them deeper into this black hole of narcissism and false activism.

Terror Once Again Came to America

On September 17th terror once again came to America.  This time it was smaller in scale and only left one of the attackers dead.  There were injuries and property damage, but no innocents were killed.  The attack that occurred in St. Cloud, Minnesota was simple.  A Somali American attacked people in the mall there with a knife, asking some if they were Muslim and praising Allah.  He was killed; nine were injured, but was this still an important incident?

A Veteran's Take - The Unprofessional Professionals

In the last several years we have watched problems brew in our great country that I struggle to make sense of.  Race relations are sinking very fast, and law enforcement officers have been deluged with false stories and facts almost every time they are faced with life and death situations.  Above and beyond so many other issues comes a new one….